A new Social Isolation and Loneliness Fund, managed by Impact Funding Partners, was launched last week. 

The aim of this fund is to support projects and organisations to facilitate progress towards the priorities of A Connected Scotland (2018) strategy, contribute to the recovery and reduction in societal harm associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, and mitigate the impact of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

The fund is open to:

  • Third sector organisations, grassroots or community groups including unincorporated voluntary organisations, clubs, SCIOs (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations and CICs (Community Interest Companies). 
  • Organisations do not need to be registered charities, although their constitution/set of rules should make clear that funds will only be spent on purposes established in the constitution.
  • Partnership bids from two or more of the above community groups and organisations. Where sensible to do so, partnership and multi-agency working is welcomed. This includes with public bodies and local authorities, as long as the lead partner is a third sector organisation or community group. 
  • Organisations who will deliver activities to benefit residents of Scotland. 
  • Organisations/community groups with a bank account in their own name. 

Among the priority groups are young people, disabled people and older people. (Schools, further education establishments and arms length organisations are not eligible to apply.)

There are two application stages. Firstly, expression of interest must be submitted by Friday the 31st of March, then successful parties will be invited to stage 2, which is the completion of a full application form. These must be submitted by Friday the 28th of April. 

Futher information and application guidance are available on the Impact Funding Partners website, here:  impactfundingpartners.com/current-funding/social-isolation-and-loneliness-fund-2023-2026

You can contact Impact Funding Partners by phoning 01383 620780 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Fund Information PDF can be accessed here, and on the website.