The Scottish Human Right Commission (SHRC) wants to hear from you!  

Over the last few years, the Scottish Human Rights Commission has been concerned on the enjoyment of economic, social, and cultural rights for people in Scotland. This includes concerns overs issues like lack of affordable housing, high levels of food insecurity, difficulty in accessing medical services, among many others.  

They have also been concerned that the issues that affect those that live in rural Scotland are often made invisible. By focusing on the Highlands and Islands, the Commission wants to be able to bear witness to the issues that are particularly affecting people in rural Scotland, and to recommend changes that can help improve people’s lives. During the next few weeks, they will be visiting different places across the Highlands and Islands and would like to be able to hear directly from all of those who are working in these areas. 

As Scotland’s National Human Rights Institution, mandated to monitor human right in the country, the Commission will use this opportunity to report on what is happening to people’s economic, social and cultural rights in the Highlands and Islands. By using the power conferred to the Commission in section 4(1)(b) in the Scottish Commission for Human Rights Act 2006, they will be presenting a report to the Scottish Parliament and issuing a series of recommendations in Spring 2024.

The Commission will be visiting the following places in the dates indicated below:

Stornoway:  6 November 2023

Tarbert:  7 November 2023

Ullapool:  8 November 2023 

Portree:  November 2023

If you would like to speak to the SHRC; for them come and visit you or any community; or to reach out with any other information; please contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..