Health Walk & Gentle Movement Class

Date: Friday, 21 June 2024 10:00 - 13:00

Venue: Am Bothan, Bayherivagh  |  City: Northbay, United Kingdom

Are you looking to move that little bit more and increase your social
interaction this New Year?
10am for a cuppa. 
10.30am leaving the Garadh for a health walk (can be anything from 10 mins to 1 hour, whatever suits each individual). 
11.30am for gentle movement class - begins with self massage followed by mobility exercises and core movements then finished with a wee meditation. Class lasts 20-25 mins and is suitable for all abilities.
Feel free to come to either the health walk or gentle movement class or both.
After the class a discounted lunch will be provided for those attending.


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Am Bothan, A888, Bogach, Northbay, Western Isles, Scotland
HS9 5YH, United Kingdom




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